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How to Make Spaces Look a Milliion Bucks

You can you totally make a space look expensive and a million bucks, it’s all out being insightful and stretching that dollar.

Firstly, none of us can splurge in one hit and buy everything all in one go. You’ll get a far cooler space if you find things as you potter through life, rather than buying in one hit. Before we get onto the saving bit there is one piece that is fundamentally worth investing in, and that is a sofa.

I’ve had mine for nearly 20 years, never recovered it, and I love it as much today as I did when I first brought it. It takes up so much real estate, that is worth spending time and attention on it.


I know this sounds odd but I rearrange things a lot. I’ll move a chair or lamp from upstairs to down and it makes the hugest difference. When you buy from the heart it means you always love what you have. So swapping things in and out of rooms up the style stakes and looks cool at the same time.


Trying spraying old vintage finds a different colour. I have car sprayed cabinets and tables in the past and they look amazing. I’ve upholstered furniture, stabled faux pony skin to the doors of cabinets, wrapped velvet around doors and tables – it’s beautiful.


I know, I know, I know, I say this a lot but here is the thing – the biggest mistake people make is to fill their spaces with small-scale furniture especially if rooms are small. You need larger pieces to add grandeur. Add dinky pieces and the space feels dinky and who wants that!


If you want truly cool spaces paint your ceiling, walls, skirts and trims out the same colour. It unifies the space like nothing else I know! If you don’t believe me, book yourself into one of my Design Classes and come snoop around my pad!